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11 February 2011 @ 02:23 am
hello hru  
IT'S THEME TIME!!!!!! long overdue but you know, it's kaesav we're talking about here
This month/week/whatever's theme is


yay fun times under the cut

okay UNLIKE last time, no male/female for this theme, just one because there are less options.
Application: (same as last time except for the end, just copy/paste)

ok now stampy tiem
by me how beautiful ikr? and the descriptions are by savannah

isnt it funny how the villain that most people have never heard of is the one that actually defeated batman? yeah, he did. he broke batmans back and put him out of commission hhhahahah. this guy is basically a juggernaut that cant be stopped once he gets going. ofc, the most physical villain ever is also super smart and has this uncanny ability with which venom actually enhances his ablities (not like that whores). anyway, my question is wtf is all this venom coming from? all these villains are immune to the stuff and im really trying to understand where all this poison is coming from hhhaha. but yeah, thats bane for yahh

you guys know the story! halle berry works at a makeup company, finds out their testing horrid products on people and killing them, and manages to get killed herself. BUT WAIT a cat saved her. she wakes up with a jwoww outfit and the ability to retract her claws. #meow. shes an on/off love interest for batman (because we know hes takes all women to see the batcave not because they need help, but because hes a horny SOB hhahahah)

OMG LOLING IRL. okay so dr. harleen quinzel (yes, she was a doctor) was the jokers psychologist and then she up and decided that she liked his crazy ass more than her job and got crazy too and they started dating HAHAHAHAH. her best friend is poison ivy and thats the reason she's immune to all poisons. the best part of her powers REALLY is that shes a skilled gymnast. like, did she just gain her gymnast skills the day she decided to be crazy? guess so. she trained in psychoanalysis so we know what that means haha. can you imagine? her and the scarecrow prescribing people medicine? MESS

IF YOU DONT KNOW WHO THIS IS GTFO haha. am i srs? idk yet. anyway, the joker is pretty much the most iconic villain of all time okay? hes batman's archARCH enemy and hes totally batshit. he has no powers but he commits his crimes with comedic weapons such as cyanide stuffed pies, nitroglycerin exploding cigars, bladed playing cards and all this other messed up stuff. OH BUT THE BEST ONE IS THE JOKER VENOM THAT KILLS THE PEOPLE WITH A RICTUS SMILE WHILE THEY LAUGH THEMSELVES TO DEATH WTF. i mean, this fool is like a cockroach. they cant rid of him. no matter how many times hes shot at, dropped off of cliffs and buildings, hes keeps coming back. *hes immune to every known poison so theres that too*. idk man. but we all know hes a LU NA TIC

idk why i told kaela to include this when i freaking hate reptiles but whatever man. she made a nice stamp so im gonna try and make his description just as long. this dude was born with a skin disorder apparently. come to find out, his skin disorder is the aggressive form of some weird ass disease that leads to his ancestry which is reptiles? idefk man~ point is, his skin is nasty, hard, and scaly (dis man needs some lotion). in fact, its SO scaly that nothing can penetrate it. GROSS. im not even gonna sit here and list all his powers or whatever. hes just a crocodile man. this is some ripley's shit

a loony scientist who thinks hes a genius so he decides to test one of his experiments on himself. YOU KNOW. where does that leave him? i'll tell you where. it leaves him dependent on a cryogenic suit for survival because he fucked up his body temperature and never set it straight again. the suit gives him superhuman strength and durability. also, because hes a lunatic, he bases all of his crimes on the theme of cold. thats so dumb HAHAHAH. basically, he wields around a freeze ray gun and uses it on things and people. #whomp

okay, now this freak of nature is seriously just, a piece of work. his real name is Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot and if that doesnt signal that something is off than i dont know what does. he doesnt have any powers. hes just, obsessed with birds and high-tech umbrellas LOLOLOLOLOLOL. i mean, really? hes been named as one of the worst and best batman villains. something is seriously wrong with this HAHAH. the only "redeeming" quality he has is the fact that hes actually completely sane. hes always in control of his actions

dr. pamela isley otherwise known as poison ivy, is pretty much the only female villain in the batman series who isnt a joke haha. shes obsessed with plants, botany, and environmentalism. WEIRD. her partner-in-crime/best friend is Harley Quinn and thats basically the only normal connection she has with anything. shes been portrayed as love interest for batman in some comics but you know, since her kisses are poison, that had to stop. her only real power is her immunity to poison. besides that, she has the "uncanny ability to control plant life". whatever seems lame to me

not sure how this wackjob got to be on the list but alas, he is. the riddler is considered to be a "supervillain" in the world of batman. WHY? I DONUT KNOW. hes obsessed with puzzles, riddles, and word games and he gets his jollies from warning batman and the craptastic gotham police force that hes coming. because of the warning his crimes are uhh, really flamboyant. oh, heres the kicker. his outfit consists of either a domino mask with a green suit and bowler hat or a green UNITARD with question marks HAHAHAHAHAH WTAF

pretty much the lamest batman villain of all time in my opinion. Dr. Jonathan Crane is a psychiatrist who runs Arkham Asylum and decides to test some hallucinogen on the ALREADY mental unstable patients he takes care of. well, being the asshole that he is, he sprays the area with some drugs, throws a burlap sack over his head, and uses "psychological tactics" to exploit the fears of his enemies.

so yes, harvey dent. the youngest DA to ever serve the demented Gotham City. yeahh well, in true batman fashion, this clean cut district attorney receives a face full of acid (or if youve only seen the movie he gets like, burned?) and that results in him losing half of his face. now personally, i would think a burn THAT severe would kill a person especially considering how he's literally walking around with just bone and flesh...interesting. but whatever. he doesnt die. instead he just develops a severe case of multiple personality disorder and some minor ocd. hes obsessed with duality and leaves everything to chance with that stupid two-headed coin of his

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Savannah: community ✁ anniesavaburry on February 11th, 2011 11:31 am (UTC)
did you like those bios though?
kaela: arts/music ♪ glee: brittany columbia!kaelakaelakaela on February 12th, 2011 04:17 am (UTC)
i loved them bb
especially the part about batman being a horny SOB and catwoman #meow HAHAHAHAHAHA whore
Savannah: zefron ♔ poolsavaburry on February 12th, 2011 12:57 pm (UTC)
GOOD! hahahahah
i put that in there just for you bb
ex_crucioed on February 12th, 2011 03:54 am (UTC)
omg so excited! have wanted to do a batman villains theme for agesssssss
kaela: hp ☄ weasley RAWRRRkaelakaelakaela on February 12th, 2011 04:41 am (UTC)
yay! glad you like it bb :3
↣: Deep Blue Sea ✘ PWNED!!!starlord on March 23rd, 2011 02:32 pm (UTC)
pretty much the lamest batman villain of all time in my opinion. Dr. Jonathan Crane is a psychiatrist who runs Arkham Asylum and decides to test some hallucinogen on the ALREADY mental unstable patients he takes care of. well, being the asshole that he is, he sprays the area with some drugs, throws a burlap sack over his head, and uses "psychological tactics" to exploit the fears of his enemies.

OMG LOL I LOVE YOU. xD *has been stamped as Scarecrow like, three times* Personally I love the guy 'cause I'm biased, he reminds me of me and is played by Cillian Murphy and I find his personality quite intriguing but you actually have a pretty good point there, what comes to being a Batman villain he doesn't do that good of a job compared to the rest of the villains in the series.